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McCalla Area Fire District

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September 21, 2016

McCalla Fire is pleased to announce that we have leased space to Northstar Paramedic Services.

Northstar will station an ambulance at our station 2 location  on Charles-Hamilton Road. This should help reduce ambulance response time during nights and weekends in the McCalla area. We look forward to a great working relationship with Northstar Paramedic Services.

McCalla Fire is a full-time Fire/ALS fire department located in southwest Jefferson county.


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Fire District History

In the late 1990's there were 4 separately run volunteer fire departments (McAdory #1, McAdory #2, McAdory #3 and Rock Mountain Lakes). The initial plan was to form 1 fire district that combined all 4 departments. During this time, McAdory #1 and McAdory #2 decided to form the McAdory Fire District and McAdory #3 and Rock Mountain Lakes decided to form the McCalla Area Fire District. Most of the decision makers involved in the formation of the fire districts are no longer actively involved in the fire districts.

The McAdory Fire District basically covers areas around Eastern Valley Road, Pocahontas Rd, Dickey Springs, Bluff Ridge. McCalla Fire District basically covers areas around Old Tuscaloosa Hwy, Lowetown Rd, Rock Mountain Lakes, Red Hill Heights (See our About page for all streets covered). 

On Average, the McAdory Fire District responds to 54 calls per month, while the McCalla Fire District responds to 34 calls per month. Both Fire Districts are ALS departments and employ full time Firefighters/Paramedics and are staffed 24/7/365.